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Bee’ah The Sharjah Environment Co.

Throughout the ages there have been those who have maintained the status quo, and those who have, through their strength, diligence and long-term vision, changed the course of history. Welcome to the movement that will be recognized as the environmental turning point for the Emirate of Sharjah. This is our opportunity to take the right steps in our day- to-day lives that will ultimately transform Sharjah’s landscape. The catalyst for this is Bee’ah, The Sharjah Environment Company. Working in partnership, Bee’ah is helping to create a caring community of citizens who are taking action now. Building on the momentum that is rapidly growing in our homes, schools, municipalities and corporate work environments, we are transforming Sharjah now so we can enjoy our natural resources for generations to come. Bee’ah is a fully integrated environmental company, and the first of its kind in the Middle East. Our mission is to actively and correctly address the environmental challenges we currently face. We all need to take action now to make our environment a cleaner and healthier place, and make Sharjah a shining example to the entire Arab world and beyond. Learn about the many interesting and exciting initiatives Bee’ah is creating in Sharjah, and discover the many powerful ways that you can be involved. Take your place now in history, as together we work in partnership to make a lasting difference. What You Can Do Reduce, Reuse, Recycle These three actions lay the foundation for lasting environmental change. Reduce refers to lessening the amount of items or resources that are consumed, using only the amount that is needed, and looking for alternatives that will lessen the amount of materials we use. Reuse means extending the ’life’ or repurposing an item rather than discarding or throwing it away. And Recycle means to process old, used items so that the material can be used to make new products. Examples of things that are often recycled are glass, plastic, newspapers, aluminum cans, used motor oil, and cardboard. Statutes and Laws Bee’ah is an active and progressive contributor on new environmental laws and legislations, helping Sharjah and the UAE adopt world-leading environmental standards and best practices. We will be providing on-going information on these initiatives, as well as articles and papers on environmental responsibility. Bee’ah is working hard to create the right infrastructure that best addresses our ongoing environmental needs. We will be posting and recommending preliminary statues and laws – and you will be welcome to comment. Research Here you will find information, articles, and case studies on environmental responsibility. We are actively conducting the most up to date research and analysis necessary to support sound environmental activities. In this section, you’ll also find a list of exciting eco-activities. These activities are structured for teachers and enthusiastic eco-warriors. Enjoy these lessons in class or at home with family and friends. Let us know your thoughts and share some facts and ideas towards sustainable environmental practice. Research reports and academic papers will be posted soon!


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