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Tensions high since Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel (14 Dec 2017)
The Israeli military said it will close border crossings into Gaza beginning Thursday until further notice "due to the security events and in accordance with security assessments."

Muslim leaders demand East Jerusalem becomes Palestinian capital (13 Dec 2017)
Leaders from the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation recognized East Jerusalem as the occupied capital of a Palestinian state and called on the international community to do the same, according to the final communique from the group's emergency summit on Wednesday.

US to present evidence Iran arming rebels (14 Dec 2017)
The Trump administration will present evidence Thursday of what it says is proof that Iran has provided missiles to Houthi rebels in Yemen, missiles like those the rebels have recently fired into Saudi Arabia, three defense officials told CNN Wednesday.

Where ISIS gets its weapons (14 Dec 2017)
The majority of weapons used by ISIS since 2014 originated in China, Russia and Eastern Europe, according to a new report from a Belgian research group that studied the issue.

Turkey PM calls Israel 'child-murderer' state (11 Dec 2017)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel a "terrorist" and "child-murderer state" in an address Sunday as he criticized President Donald Trump over his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Putin orders withdrawal of troops in Syria (11 Dec 2017)
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria during a visit to the war-torn country on Monday.

Iraq 'fully liberated' from ISIS, military says (09 Dec 2017)
The Iraqi military has "fully liberated" all of Iraq's territory of "ISIS terrorist gangs" and retaken full control of the Iraqi-Syrian border, it said Saturday in a statement.

Iran postpones court appearance of jailed Briton as UK minister visits (10 Dec 2017)
Hopes that a British woman jailed in Iran will soon be freed rose Sunday following a visit to Tehran by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Women in Saudi Arabia still can't do these things (06 Dec 2017)
In a first for the conservative religious kingdom, Saudi Arabia has declared that women will finally be able to drive, the culmination of years of activism and appeals both from within and outside the Gulf nation.

Why Jerusalem declaration is so controversial (07 Dec 2017)
US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday and announced plans to relocate the US embassy there, upending seven decades of US foreign policy in a move expected to inflame tensions in the region and unsettle the prospects for peace.

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