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3 Simple Steps Towards Improved Self-Esteem
(19 June 2020)


You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Louise L Hay

Self-esteem is our perception of ourselves and the value we place in it. It is how we think other people see us, or how much we think they like us or value us. However, it is very common for people to be highly and overly critical of themselves and suffer from low self-worth or low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem is one of the leading reasons people seek coaching in Dubai. Personal coaching empowers individuals and fuels self-growth in many areas of life, including careers.

Often, coaches find that the main barrier standing in people’s way is low self-esteem. But with improved self-worth, these same people can go on to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. 

The difference good self-esteem makes

If we have good self-esteem, we feel confident that we are making a positive difference to those around us, and that we are worthy of our various roles in life.

It’s true that we may still have occasional lows and bumps, but good self-esteem means that we know that we can bounce back. We know that our setbacks don't define us. We tend to meet our career potential, have positive relationships with others, and make the most of life.

On the other hand, poor self-esteem can have a huge impact on our lives. We may think of ourselves, to varying degrees, as unworthy, inadequate or incompetent.

If we don’t believe in our abilities or recognize our good qualities, we may fail to take opportunities. We may end up stuck in a cycle of negativity that affects our careers, our social lives, and much more. We may even wrongly feel that we are not worthy of loving, positive relationships.

Low self-esteem has been likened to going through life with the handbrake on. We need to do all we can to nurture good self-esteem, for the benefit of every aspect of our lives. It really can make a huge difference to our feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

How you can work on improving your self-esteem

Have you ever been encouraged by a friend, colleague or family member to have a go at something but heard yourself respond, “I could never do that”, despite their belief in you? Do you feel that your feelings of self-worth impact the opportunities you choose to take? Have you ever been envious of others’ confidence and their ability to take the plunge just like that?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then you will gain from taking some simple steps to improve your self-esteem. Here are a few things you can work on in your own time.

1.List down your personal strengths

Take some time initially to make a list of your strengths, your achievements and passions from all areas or times of your life. If you struggle at all, focus on things that others have congratulated or complimented you for. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the length of the list. Now keep it safe — it will be a useful tool to come back to if you find yourself experiencing self-doubt or feeling low.

2.Identify activities that nourish you and prioritize them

It is common for people with low self-esteem to neglect self-care. Often this is because they feel undeserving of “me” time. This is an unhealthy cycle to be in. Everyone deserves some time to focus on activities that make them feel good.

A healthy body and mind go hand in hand. Many activities that are good for your body tend to help foster a positive mindset. Many people find activities like taking long walks or enjoying a healthy meal are good for the soul, too.

But not all activities that give you a sense of wellbeing will be physical. Listening to music, drawing, or indulging in a favorite hobby all count. You will know what lifts your spirits.

On the other hand, over-indulging in certain activities can be fun in the short-term but often lead to feelings of guilt and low self-worth. Try to avoid the temptation of activities that make you feel like this. They might be something like too much screen time, overeating or binge-watching.

The important lesson to switch your focus to activities that nurture your body and mind and that make you feel good about yourself. Prioritize finding some regular times in your week to complete these activities.

3.Adopt a more proactive mindset

Successful, confident people tend to be planners. They set regular, small and achievable goals and gain their confidence from attaining them.

Adopt this habit to help improve your self-esteem. Make it a ritual to start your week, or even your day, by setting small goals, such as to exercise a little, eat a healthy lunch, or get on top of work emails. Write these down and remember to review them at the end of the day or week.

The more goals you meet, the better you will feel. Be sure to always make these very achievable. Break down bigger ambitions into tiny baby steps that will get you there. You will soon see the progress you are making towards where you want to be.  

Getting more help

It can be a long road to travel toward developing self-esteem, but it’s always worth the effort to get there. Starting your journey with these three steps is a good way to begin.

Booking time with a professional coach is also an excellent move. They can help you identify issues that are standing in your way and support you with an individualized pathway to better self-esteem. This will help empower you, so you can move forward from whatever areas of life you may feel stuck.

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