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Decision Making with Artificial Intelligence

Let’s talk about decisions. Certain decisions we make might impact our lives either at a very high magnitude or it may make hardly make any difference at all. Decision making is something people must do almost every day. It is something that could take place at our homes for making family decisions, at the workplace, restaurants, business firms, et cetera. All these decisions are made by the human brain. But AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help us make better decisions that could lead to a much better outcome. AI serves as a decision maker for many organizations and firms. AI is continuously trained with data to make better decisions for the company.

AI makes decisions in autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that successfully drive independently without any human intervention. An autonomous car has many sensors built around it. These sensors are constantly monitored and can detect a dangerous situation. If such a situation is detected, then the driver is alerted to take control of the vehicle or emergency brakes are activated.

In GPS systems, the fastest route is chosen via an encoded algorithm and based on traffic conditions in the driver’s current route. So, the routes by the AI can vary.

When it comes to streaming music, movies or TV-Shows, rather than manually looking for a movie or song of your interest, AI can help make a better decision and make the entire process much quicker. The AI system observes the choices that the user makes after which it begins to recommend movies or music of similar type. This is known as a recommendation system.

AI is even used in the world of sports. For example, in tennis, the chair umpire might sometimes not be able to judge whether the ball is in, out or on the line. The human brain cannot be a hundred percent accurate in such situations. AI is used here to make the decision that is as accurate as possible. A concept known as ‘Computer Vision’ is used here.

A few start-ups have become dependent on AI even for the hiring process. Algorithms are used to hire the best of the best. These algorithms can recommend the best applicants for each field.

The Stock Market also makes use of AI. Machine Learning, a subset of AI, observes several markets and identifies complex trading patterns in real time. Based on the observations made by the AI system, the client is provided with a risk assessment.

So, AI has variety of applications when it comes to decision making and is ever-growing. There is so much potential and so many possibilities. But in the end no matter how much technology advances, a tad bit of human element is required.

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