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Learn Arabic
Commonly used Arabic words
Allah God
Ab Father
Aewa Yes
Ahlan wa sahlan Welcome
Akh Brother
Afwan You are welcome (after "Thank you")
As salâm ‘alekum Hello (peace upon you)
response wa ‘alekum es salaem
Bint Girl; Daughter
Habibi My dear, my beloved, sweetheart
Thank you (response ‘afwan)
Wa ‘alekum es salaem
And hello to you (and on you peace)
response to es salaem ‘alekum
Come on!
Arabic Numbers
Wahid One
Ithnain Two
Thalatha Three
Arbaa Four
Khamsa Five
Sitta Six
Sabaa Seven
Thamaniah Eight
Tisaa Nine
Ashra Ten
Days of the week
Yaumul Ahad Sunday
Yaumul Ithnain Monday
Yaumuth Thulatha Tuesday
Yaumul Arbiaa Wednesday
Yaumul Khamees Thursday
Yaumul Jumuah Friday
Yaumus Sabt Saturday

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