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Sharjah FAQs

What about Telecommunication?

The main hotels and larger apartment blocks offer satellite TV but for the latter, residents usually have to purchase a decoder. For a rented property it is worth finding out from the owner or real estate company which channels are available.

It is usually not permitted to fit a dish on the roof of a building and prior permission should be obtained from the landlord.

How is the quality of Higher Education in Sharjah?

Sharjah’s University City, a huge six-campus development near the airport , was founded in 1997 and consists of the American University of Sharjah(AUS) , Sharjah Men’s University, Sharjah Women’s University , the Higher College of Technology for Men , the Higher College of Technology for Women a pioneering project in the country providing students with professional training. It also includes Sharjah Police Academy and the Sharjah Library. The colleges are affiliated to a number of universities from the United States and Great Britain. Several new schools have been established here in the past year among them the first Australian International School in the UAE.

Why should I invest in Sharjah?

The government of Sharjah recognizes and encourages the role of the private sector in building a strong economy, and welcomes foreign investment in various manufacturing, trade and service sectors.126 countries currently have trade relations with Sharjah and the emirate is vigorously pursuing a policy of building closer economic relations with other countries as well. As a key player in the global investment scenario, facilities have evolved and been upgraded by the government to suit the business climate and augment efficiency.

The necessary impetus has made the economy a vibrant destination for commerce.

The presence of local and foreign banks, quality communication systems and other essential modernized services has added to the continuous positive trends in the business climate in Sharjah.

Who is behind the emergence of Sharjah?

Ruled His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi , Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

What is the weather like in Sharjah?

Sharjah’s climate is idyllic from November to April with warm sunny days, cool evenings and low humidity. You can expect some rainfall and tropical storms during January, February and March. From May to September the climate is hot with midday temperatures in July and August reaching in excess of 45°C.

Where can I see the Sharjah Airport Flight Information?

Which are the leading Hotels in Sharjah?

Which are the business events being held in Sharjah?

Where can we see the map of Sharjah?

Where can we buy eco-friendly products in UAE?



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