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Sharjah Discovery Centre
About The Museum

The Sharjah Discovery Centre first opened its doors on March 18, 1999.

Why should you take your kids to‎ Sharjah Discovery Centre?

Sharjah Discovery Centre is an entertainment center designed for children aged 3 to 12 years, providing them with the opportunity to learn, discover, understand the role of science and technology in their daily life and explore the world around them in a fun-filled and relaxing atmosphere.

Sharjah Discovery Centre...Play and Learn‎‎

There’s no better way for children to learn than by playing and having fun! Here, children can spend wonderful time exploring and learning in an adult-like world and a safe colorful child-centered environment. Thus allowing children to enjoy their time with their family in a safe and entertaining environment.
The centre is divided into seven major areas featuring a variety of entertainment ideas including The Drive Town, Airport, Build Town, petroleum refinery, TV studio, Climbing Walls, Sound Zone and an area dedicated to teaching the human anatomy.
The internal environment of the museum is filled with passion for exploring and discovering, and incentives to learn. Children in the Drive Town can drive along the track and learn about traffic rules and regulations. In the Build Town, the child can build his own house by using construction cranes and colorful blocks. In the Airport, children can explore the different stages of travelling including checking - in and bags’ weighing procedures, as well as boarding requirements. Kids will also explore water dynamics as they play with water games. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to discover their talents in the TV studio.

The experience of visiting Sharjah Discovery Centre

When you arrive at Sharjah Discovery Centre, after crossing the main gate, you will be redirected to the main hall which is characterized by bright eye-catching hues and beautiful designs. It consists of a variety of exhibits that are grouped into thematic areas including Water World, Sports World, Body World, Build Town, Drive Town, Supermarket, Storyteller, TV Studio. The Centre also contains a Theater for demonstrating shows and two Workshops for handicrafts artwork for visitors and student workshops.

Main Sections

In this familiar word, the children feel comfortable as they freely explore, discover, play and learn. The children can move through the exhibits at their own pace and in the order they choose. As the children have fun discovering, they understand that science and technology are part of their daily life.

Water World: A fantasy world that consists of many exhibits and thrilling activities. Children will have a blast in the small boats pool as they race each other. They will also learn about jellyfish and how they move through water, by observing the plastic models inside the water-filled glass displays. They can design various forms of fountains and enjoy an exciting ride aboard the swinging boat, in addition to many other activities.

Sharjah Kids International Airport: it takes the children through a fascinating imaginary journey. The journey begins with children placing their carry-on baggage under the X-ray device for inspection. Then, they put their plastic wings on and set their imagination free, to travel around the world and explore the world’s famous landmarks including Cairo Tower in Egypt, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London and many others. Finally, the journey comes to an end on a steep cliff.

Body World: it offers children an opportunity to learn about the functions of some of their body parts. They can also test their strength and reflexes, and learn how their leg bones move, through observing the human skeleton and other scientific exhibits.

Build Town: This area stimulates and nourishes the child's imagination through constructing simplified models of buildings using construction blocks of varied colours, shapes and sizes, as well as through interacting with various construction and movement mechanisms.

Drive Town: This area is dedicated to raising awareness among young generation, as it offers children an introduction to traffic rules and regulations. Children get to drive electric cars on tracks similar to Sharjah streets and apply what they have learned about road regulations and traffic signals.

Sports World: A world of thrilling games offering a full day of amusement and entertainment. Children can have a blast in the football, basketball and climbing wall. The center includes also a special basketball section designed for players with special needs.

TV studio: Children here can prepare and record many programs using a variety of devices such as camera, lighting and sound. In addition, they get the chance to broadcast news and weather forecast live on a TV outside the studio.

Supermarket: It’s the best place to learn about a healthy balanced diet. Here, children learn about their daily meal plans and how to choose the proper diet.

The Storyteller Area: The storyteller tells children educational stories that help broaden their knowledge base, in an atmosphere that is truly interesting and engaging. After all, a book is a man’s best friend.

Opening Hours

Saturday to Thursday:
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Timings are subject to change during public holidays and Ramadan. For more information call the museum.


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