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Avoid 4 Things To Score High In IELTS Writing Tasks

IELTS is an exam which generally we take for various reasons and the candidates need to pass the exam with the high score to get the beneficial result and to meet the process whatsoever. But then comes a really serious question on how to score higher in the IELTS and what are the things you should avoid so that you won’t lose the score in IELTS. I have mentioned some don’ts which you should avoid to score better in your IELTS. Keep reading!!

Don’t Use Informal English In IELTS Writing Tasks

IELTS writing is all about presenting the tasks in the formal language wich the proper vocabulary and following the structure of the tasks as guided by the IELTS Training Center in Dubai or any other institute you go for the IELTS preparation. You have to be really particular about your writing style as you can go informal while speaking but that is not the case when writing the tasks. You should note that if you write the tasks in an informal way, you may also get penalized and that leads towards the loss of your IELTS score. You should also be good with the vocabulary so that you might not waste your time thinking about the proper word that may adjust to the sentence. Buy a dictionary to improve your vocabulary.

Don’t Use Contractions

When we say that you should not use the informal language when you are taking the exam then you must also be careful that you are not using the contractions. Now, we should first have a look at what the contractions are? Have a look at the example like using it’s instead of it is, shouldn’t instead of should not, and aren’t instead of are not. So, aren’t, shouldn’t and it’s are the contractions. There are a lot may words which lie in the category of contractions and you can not use these words in your writing tasks. If you do so, there is a fair chance that you lose the marks and that might affect your overall IELTS score. Taking the courses for the IELTS Preparation course Dubai may help you score better as well.

Never Use Slang Words In Writing Tasks

The candidates have to be very particular in their writing tasks. The minor mistakes and the bit of structure change can produce a result not required. Now, another important thing is to avoid using the slang language in both of your tasks. The slang words will create a bad impression of the invigilator which is not acceptable for any candidate. Slang is basically a language that you use with your friends while having a casual conversation with them like wanna instead of “want to” or gonna instead of “going to” and you must avoid the slangs in the IELTS writing tasks. You have to be very serious in the context and use the proper vocabulary while writing.

Don’t Use Short Spellings (SMS like Words)

This is the last thing in our list of things to avoid losing the IELTS score. If the candidates have joined the IELTS Training Center in Dubai then you would definitely prepare the best for your exam but these tips are the onus to get the bonus marks. In the era today mobile phones have become so common for the purpose of communication that every one of us uses it for calls and the SMS. But one of its disadvantages is that we have started forgetting the spellings and use the short spellings. There are a lot of examples like “u” for “you”, “c” for “see”,  “IDK” instead of “I don’t know”, "GOAT” for “Greatest Of All Times” and many more. So, now the suggestion for all the candidates is not to use these short words in your IELTS writing tasks as you have to be formal while writing tasks.

These IELTS writing tasks are all about writing in a formal way and not using the slangs and contractions and using the proper structure as mentioned by the academies taking the courses for the IELTS Preparation course in Dubai. The candidates must be good with the vocabulary as well so that time is not wasted while thinking of the proper words used in the sentences. You must not panic while taking the exam. If you are well prepared for the test, you will definitely pass it with the flying colors and that is of no doubt. Good luck with your IELTS.

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