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Sharjah City Guide follows the International Advertising Bureau's ad format guidelines and offers the following online and mobile advertising opportunities.

Advertising Channels & Ad rates
Select your Channel that best fits your advertising message and determine impression levels delivered in the respective Channel.
Banner Advertising

Standard banner - 468x60, RoN* – US$ 1,000/month

Skyscraper banner 120x600, RoN* – US$ 2,000/month

Leaderboard banner 728x90, RoN* – US$ 2,000/month

Large rectangle banner 336x280, RoN* – US$ 2,000/month

Company Listings
Text listings with email and web address – Dhs 1,200/year

Text listings with email, web address, image or company logo – Dhs 1,800/year
Keyword Advertising
 US$ 500/month per keyword
Keyword AdvertisingBuy keywords - the keywords will be highlighted on all our news articles and special features with hyperlink to the website.

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