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Bank Of Sharjah Announces Successful Closure Of US$150 Million Club Term-Loan Facility (23 August 2010)
Bank of Sharjah, announced the successful closure of a US$150 million club term-loan facility, which exceeded by 50 per cent the initial target amount of US$100 million, highlighting lender confidence in the bank.

Bank Of Sharjah Reported 7% Increase In Net Profit For The First Half Of 2010 (27 July 2010)
The bank’s equity grew by 6 % to reach AED 4,086 million compared to the June 30th, 2009 figure of AED 3,869 million.

The General Assembly Of Bank Of Sharjah Approves The Distribution Of 12% Cash Dividends & 5% Bonus Issue (7 March 2010)
Total Assets reached AED 18,062 Million an increase of 14% compared to 2008 balance of AED 15,820 Million. The increase in total assets was mainly due to the increase in Loans book and Interbank placements.

Bank Of Sharjah Reports 34 Percent Increase In Total Comprehensive Income (26 October 2009)
The increase in deposits has helped the bank to close the gap between the loans and deposits, with the loans to deposits ratio falling to 0.96 from 1.02 as at December 31st, 2008.

Bank of Sharjah Wins (19 May 2009)
The successful acquisition by Bank of Sharjah (BOS) through its subsidiary Emirates Lebanon Bank s.a.l., of the operations of BNPI Lebanon has been selected by The Banker Magazine FT Business as the "Mergers & Acquisitions Deal of the Year" for the Middle East in 2009.

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