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The Ultimate Guide Towards Explosion Proof Lighting
(30 December 2020)


This article intends to present an extensive overview of explosion-proof lighting, allowing you to make a more informed decision for your workspace.

Explosion proof lighting is necessary for any business that works or operates in hazardous environments, where it is possible to have an accident. Employees working in a dangerous environment are regularly exposed to the threat of potential explosions that may occur if safety precautions are not implemented properly. Employees working in a harmful environment are often exposed to the danger of possible explosions, which might happen if safety precautions are not implemented correctly. Explosion-proof lights are made for Class 1 Division 1 Lighting and Zone 1 and 0 criteria. They're used in areas where gas or vapour is commonly anticipated, such as in building and job sites, manufacturing centres, marine/shipyards, military, mining, offshore, oil fields, refineries, and even more.

Hazardous location LED lighting is the best choice of fluorescent light. These led explosion proof lights provide exactly what can be utilized along with the presence of explosion-proof fluorescent lighting through reduced maintenance and reduced operating costs.

Some division of classes are as follow:

  • Class 1 Division 1 Standards & Class 1 Zone 0 & 1 Standards: for use where gas or vapour is usually expected
  • Class 1 Division 2: where gas or vapour of sufficient quantity can exist in abnormal conditions.
  • Class 2 Div 1 & Class 2 Division 2: portable hazardous area lighting

Usage of explosion-proof lighting:


In case of a sudden power failure, your factory, warehouse, or plant will be plunged into total darkness. Explosion-proof emergency lighting fittings are produced from very flame-resistant materials. They can be hermetically sealed to avoid the inner circuitry from sparking volatile gases in the area.


Exit signs for hazardous locations also need to be solidly constructed and completely fully sealed to ignite an explosion on your workplace. All of the best exit signs have reserve battery cells to keep them running long after a power failure occurs. There are even many exit signs that run without electricity.


Explosion Proof lighting is perfect for lighting in facilities like petroleum refineries, paint spray-down stations, aircraft fueling hangars and gas storage areas deemed Class I, II or III hazardous locations.


Industrial locations are rough! They are no place for fragile plastic lighting fixtures. One should only use industrial lights that are solidly built with 10-gauge steel or thick aluminum housings. These lights take a beating and keep on ticking!


Explosive proof mounting hardware is just as reliable as the lights and signs we carry. Brackets are fully sealed to allow electrical power conduits to feed into the unit without external combustion risk. Also, there are many styles to choose from specialize in matching the right explosion-proof light with a worksite. We consider the type of hazardous work environment present, and how the explosion-proof light relates to the job. We offer a wide range of solutions for explosion-proof lighting, and we are continually implementing new technology and customization to create the next generation of explosion-proof lights.

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