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Summer’s Hidden Hazard - The Scorching Impact on Health and Cars
(1 March 2024)


Summer's arrival ushers in not only leisurely drives but also hidden perils, especially for car owners. With it comes a surge in temperatures, turning vehicles into unexpected furnaces from the relentless exposure to the sun. This phenomenon is not just discomforting; it actually poses a real threat to our health and finances.

The Solar Heating Challenge:

As the mercury climbs past 30°C, parked cars swiftly transform into saunas, with interiors starting to bake in the heat. This is more than inconvenient; it's a health hazard for vehicle owners and passengers alike.

Scientific Findings:

Interestingly, a 2018 study by University of Arizona and UC San Diego researchers found that cars parked in the open can have temperatures surge to a staggering 70°C in just over an hour. At this heat car interiors, mainly the steering wheel and dashboard, become potential burn hazards. Items left inside quickly degrade, and a cocktail of toxic chemicals gets released into the cabin air, posing a significant health risk.

The Price of Heat:

The sun's wrath first strikes the car's interior. Constant exposure to sunlight and subsequent air conditioning wreak havoc on a vehicle's inner sanctum. Leather seats dry and crack, while plastic components warp, leading to expensive repairs. For example, refurbishing a car’s leather interior costs on average AED 2500 in Dubai.

Everyday Items at Risk:

Travel essentials like water bottles, medicines, and snacks also suffer. Items with strict temperature storage requirements quickly degrade in intense heat.

The Health Angle:

Some may shrug off the discomfort quickly, but others, particularly children and pets with less efficient thermoregulation risk serious health complications, like dehydration and heatstroke. The elderly face heightened cardiovascular risks, including coronary diseases and strokes under such conditions.

An Invisible Menace:

Perhaps, the most insidious are the invisible dangers. A 2023 study found that car interiors exposed to sunlight emit levels of carcinogenic compounds that are significantly above safe thresholds, leading to significant health problems over time.

Staying Safe in Summer:

Tips for mitigating these risks include:

Avoid using personal vehicles during peak hours of sunlight.
Always opt for shaded or protected parking.


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Summer's searing heat brings a myriad of challenges for car owners and passengers. Awareness and proactive measures can significantly reduce these risks, ensuring a safer, more comfortable summer driving experience.

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