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Scheduled Car Maintenance: 4 Reasons and 4 Services to Consider

Routine maintenance is a crucial responsibility attached to car ownership. Your vehicle must receive regular service to run efficiently, last longer, use less fuel, and contribute less to pollution. Though modern cars are engineered to last longer, the key to ensuring that your ride remains functional and safe is to subject it toscheduled car maintenance services.

Though it might seem like your car is always a dependable means of transportation, it is exposed to a constant state of degradation. Each time you hit the road, the important fluids become contaminated and burnt away, the filters will eventually reach their capacity, and the brake pads will wear out over time.

4 Reasons Why Car Maintenance Is Crucial

Here are four reasons to get your car serviced on a regular basis.

1. Prolonged life of your car

If you adhere to a routine car maintenance schedule, you can prevent several vehicle problems. You will be assured that all parts of your ride are in excellent condition. Most importantly, this will reduce wear and tear of the car’s components and engine that prolong your car’s life.

2. Increased safety

Road accidents may be inevitable, but this can be minimized if your car is well taken care of. Regular maintenance will reduce the possibility of a car malfunction because it assures that your ride is in excellent condition. By constantly checking the system and taking care of your car, you reduce the risk of driving a malfunctioning car.

3. Reduced fuel and repair cost

A well-maintained car won’t waste any fuel. But when you neglect to subject your car to any of the key services, gas mileage can go down, causing you to fill up the gas tank more frequently.

Repair costs can also be reduced when you follow your car’s maintenance schedule. What’s more, minor problems can be detected and dealt with immediately. But when neglected, these minor issues can become major problems and require more expensive repairs and replacement.

4. High car value

If you plan to sell your car later on, staying on top of your maintenance schedule is vital. These services not only make your driving more pleasant and safer, but also keep your vehicle’s value high. When it’s time to let the car go, you’ll get more money because you properly cared for it.

4 Car Maintenance Services to Invest In

Keep these car maintenance services in mind each time you bring your car in for servicing.

1. Oil change

An oil change is an essential aspect of car maintenance. Auto experts recommend changing your oil after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure that your engine is always in its best condition.

2. Fuel system cleaning

Dirt, sludge, and carbon can flow through your car’s fuel system while the engine is running. Once they accumulate, less fuel can pass through, leading to weaker fuel economy and loss of engine power. By having an expert clean the fuel system regularly, the build-up can be prevented and excellent engine performance is guaranteed.

3. Cabin air filter change

The cabin air filter prevents dirt, bad odors, and debris from entering your car whenever you drive. But since one side of the filter is exposed outside, it can get wet – and this can lead to the build-up of moisture. As a result, mold spores and mildew can develop, causing a bad smell inside your car and triggering different types of allergies.

In some vehicles, it is easy to change the cabin air filter. But it would be better to include this in your car’s service package.

4. Transmission service

Neglecting to have your transmission fluid unchecked for a long time can lead to a disaster. Make sure to have the experts check the transmission fluid and filter at each oil change. Dark-colored fluid indicates an overheated transmission – and if you insist on driving your car without servicing, this can result in internal damage.

Don’t wait for your car to break down before bringing it to a reputable repair center. Follow the maintenance schedule provided by the car manufacturer, which is usually based on miles driven. This way, you can experience reliability, longevity, optimum performance, and safety from your vehicle.


Ahmad Ramadan is a Managing Partner at Deutsche Technik Service Center, Dubai’s first and largest VW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, & Lamborghini vehicle specialist and performance tuner. DT has also built an illustrious portfolio in classic car repair, maintenance, and restoration, as well as body work (accident repair, painting, and denting). DT Service Centre offers a full range of services: mechanical repairs, maintenance, servicing, etc.

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